Lack of support for selective mutism families breeds feelings of isolation.

In areas with inadequate care for children with selective mutism, families are feeling isolated, according to a mother. Joanna Turner’s four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with this anxiety-based mental health disorder but received no treatment plan upon discharge. Turner emphasizes the need for standardized care across the country. For Turner, it was alarming that her daughter […]

£42 million boost for mental health research

The UK government has launched a ‘Mental Health Mission’ with an investment of £42.7 million to accelerate research into mental health conditions, including those affecting children. The aim is to develop innovative treatments, improve diagnosis accuracy and speed, and utilize technology to free up time for clinicians. The NHS reports that one in four adults […]

NHS breakdown

The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain has always been cherished, with its universal healthcare and free services. However, critics have long complained about the quality of care provided. Today, the NHS is facing a crisis, and the determination to solve its problems seems to be lacking. As another winter crisis looms, it’s crucial for […]

Unveiling the £2 Million Health Insurance Scam: How Two Brothers and Their Parents Fooled Consumers

Two brothers have received prison sentences and their parents have received suspended sentences following a health insurance scam that cost £2 million. The scam involved misleading websites that convinced people to pay for European Health Insurance Cards, which are actually free from the official NHS website. The defendants, who are from Sunderland, were sentenced at […]